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The Highlights of My Winter Break

I realize I’ve already done a review of 2012, but a decent number of things have happened within the the last 2-3 weeks that I would also like to highlight.

*Panoply has lost some attention due to our lack of effort put into it. However, Kendrick and I will be picking up the slack and rerouting our intentions with the business. We had our third photoshoot for Panoply by Robin Trajano. It was a winter/holiday-themed (read: cold) shoot. The pictures turned out great and some of my pictures can be seen in my gallery. There’s much more to come for Panoply.

*As mentioned above, I have created a gallery for my photoshoots–a portfolio–for future reference. Although I don’t have the most amazing shots, I will learn to develop more confidence in front of the camera.

*I wrote a proposal, created a budget, and developed a timeline for executing a Before I Die wall at Irvine. The proposal was submitted and is awaiting approval for funding.

*Justin Ho was officially established as a co-founder for another project of mine, Project Positivity. More to come about that.

*Moses Lee of Seelio took Kendrick and I aboard to help promote Seelio and it’s usefulness to college students.

*I was in Las Vegas for 3 nights of total relaxation with both old and new friends. I thought I was already relaxing at home, but going to Vegas was a whole different level of lazy. It was amazing spending New Years with Shane Agra, though! (:

*Contrary to my gluttony in Vegas, I have figured out my goals for the next 3 months. They can be found on my new goals page.

Despite seeming (and feeling)  rather lazy throughout the last few weeks, I managed to get quite a bit done–although still not as much as I would have liked to accomplish.

Today is the first day back to  school and I’m ready to own each day. Feel free to keep me on track with my goals and I will do the same for you! Remember, don’t be scared to make decisions–it’s the only way you’ll get anywhere!