About Me

I’m David Ly Khim, a user acquisition growth marketer at HubSpot and advisor for United Way Youth Venture in Boston. This is where I write about growth marketing, career development, and self-improvement.

I’ve done marketing for an agency, restaurant company, publishing company, and non-profits. I build meaningful companies that have a positive impact on the world.

Originally from Long Beach, California, when I’m not thinking about marketing, I read, lift weights, run, listen to music (check out my playlists), bike to random coffee shops, drink bourbon, boulder, dance, and watch Netflix.

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Forever a student

I’m always learning. I chose to be interested in things than to look for interesting things.


Dance was a large part of my life for 7 years. I occasionally teach workshops.


I have a B.S. in Chemistry but decided it wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted or the industry I wanted to be in.

Previous Projects

  • Built Trippn, a simple version of Google Maps for my General Assembly Front-End Web Development course