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Hey! I’m David.

I’m a co-founder of content and SEO agency, Omniscient Digital, helping B2B software companies turn content into a growth channel.

I’m also a host of our three media efforts: The Long Game podcast, Office Hours, and The Road to Mastery

Previously I was Head of Growth at and spent 6 years at HubSpot where I served as a growth product manager and multiple roles in growth marketing. That’s where I helped grow the freemium business through new initiatives in user acquisition including:

  • Moving to Dublin, Ireland to set up the new user acquisition growth product team
  • Initiating and driving the implementation of viral loops on free products that drove thousands of product signups every month
  • Developing and executing a user acquisition strategy through the WordPress integration that saw 110k+ installs, was adopted by 22% of the customer base, and influenced over $3M in ARR

I’ve been featured in HubSpot, Product-Led World, Buffer, and Men’s Health (that’s a story for another time) and have spoken on stages across the world from San Francisco to London and Milan to Kyiv.

When I’m not working, I’m getting through my reading list, lifting weights, running, and/or sipping whiskey.

I’m Cambodian-American, originally from Long Beach, CA, and currently residing in Boston, MA.

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Some more about me:

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Scrubs, Mr. Robot, Westworld, Young Rock

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