Hey, I’m David Ly Khim, head of growth at People.ai and co-founder of Omniscient Digital, a premium content marketing agency. Previously, I was at HubSpot for 6 years serving as a growth product manager and a growth marketer. This is where I share my essays on growing a business, marketing, and product management.

I’ve been featured in HubSpot, Product-Led World, Buffer, and Men’s Health (that story is for another time) and spoken across the world from San Francisco to London and Milan to Kyiv.

When I’m not working, I’m getting through my reading list, lift weights, run, and sip whiskey in some combination.

Originally from Long Beach, CA and currently residing in Boston, MA.


  • UC Irvine, BS Chemistry
  • Reforge Growth Series
  • Reforge Advanced Growth Strategy
  • General Assembly Front-End Web Development

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