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I speak about growth marketing, content strategy, and SEO. No sales pitches. No product pushing. No fluff. My talks are evidence-backed strategies that have helped real companies grow.

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What Event Hosts Have Said

David’s talk on developing a growth strategy was so engaging and informative, members of the audience mobbed him with follow up questions after his talk. David topped the list of the best talks according to the conference satisfaction survey.

Yaroslav Stepanenko
Organizer, Growth Marketing Stage
Kyiv, Ukraine

David’s talk on a new approach to customer marketing was informative and engaging. He adapted his talk to speak to an eclectic audience and happily took 1-on-1 office hours with attendees, taking the time to understand and respond to the needs of innovators from a variety of industries.

Lia Camargo
CIC Japan Desk
Boston, MA, USA

David’s mini-keynote was extremely well prepared, tactical, and inspirational. He was one of the best speakers out of our 155+ talks that went on that week and received tons of positive feedback from the audience.

Derric Haynie
Head of Marketing, Gorgias
San Francisco, CA, USA

David was a big hit at Rebrandly’s first meet up. He brought a complex grown marketing concept and presented it in a simple way. The audience had a really clear action plan to improve their marketing strategy and were really engaged.

Katie Espinoza
Senior Program Manager, Rebrandly
Dublin, Ireland

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Events I’ve Spoken At

Jun 25, 2019

How HubSpot Does Customer-Centric Marketing Automation
WP Engine Summit | Austin, TX, USA

Mar 22, 2019

A Look into HubSpot’s Growth Experimentation Process
Password 2019 | Tallinn, Estonia

Dec 11, 2018

How HubSpot Prioritizes & Documents User Acquisition Experiments
Growth Marketing Conference | San Francisco, CA, USA

Oct 25, 2018

HubSpot’s Growth Framework and How We Prioritize Experiments
Growth Marketing Stage | Kiev, Ukraine

Oct 22, 2018

Digital Marketing Office Hours
CIC’s Japan Desk | Cambridge, MA, USA

Sept 5, 2018

The Growth Marketer: The Skills Modern Marketers Are Expected to Have
INBOUND 2018 | Boston, MA, USA

June 28, 2018

How to Implement the Content Strategy That Doubled HubSpot’s Organic Traffic
Dog Patch Labs | Dublin, Ireland

June 5, 2018

How to Find and Prioritize New User Acquisition Channels
Growth Marketing Forum | Antwerp, Belgium

May 28, 2018

How to Create Your Acquisition Channel Strategy
Growth Hacking Day | Milan, Italy

May 11, 2018

The Topic Cluster SEO Strategy HubSpot Uses to Grow Organic Traffic
Social & Content Digital Marketing Conference | Dublin, Ireland

Apr 3, 2018

How Growth Practitioners Can Help Companies Develop a Growth Culture
Growth Marketing Virtual Summit | Online

Mar 15, 2018

Personal Branding and Career Growth
Boston University | Boston, Massachusetts

Mar 8, 2018

SEO and Content Creation Workshop
Tijuana Marketing and Beer | Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Dec 14, 2017

2018 Marketing Predictions RoundTable
Mention, Online

Nov 15, 2017

How to Build Your Personal Brand
Boston University

Nov 8, 2017

HubSpot User Group
Vancouver, BC, Canada

August 24, 2017

HubSpot User Group
Lansing, Michigan, USA

Jun 21, 2017

San Diego Startup Week
San Diego, CA, USA

April 14, 2017

Getting Started on Your Marketing Career
Boston University

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