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Stay True to Your Goals

November has come and, for the UC students, the first round of midterms have just flown by–and so has Halloween. What came with the end of midterms was endless partying and debauchery. We are already in the last quarter of the year and I’d say it’s a good time to reflect on our year before we feast for the next two months. Now with the new season coming along–how will you end your year?

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, how will you spend your hours, minutes, and seconds? Have you been working toward that A you want? Have you been putting in your hours in the gym like you said you would? How has the job search been going? Are your actions in line with your priorities? What’s your next move?

Remember to stay true to what you want to achieve. Make sure that each step you take is a step toward your goals. Put in the work, put in the time, make the necessary sacrifices–you’ll get there. Whatever your goal, success is in reach, you just have to get through this last stretch and finish off strong.

If you want it, you go get it. No excuses.