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I’ve recently been told that I’m inspirational, that I’m someone many people admire and look up to.

It’s one thing to have it be a goal to inspire others, to motivate others to work hard and become better people and to follow their passions. It’s one thing to have that goal and work towards it everyday.

Now, to be told that I’ve essentially achieved that goal has has essentially changed my life. Mentally, I’m in an entirely different league. It means I can do more. That’s scary.

The compliments haven’t stopped and they are, without a doubt, flattering, but also discomforting. Why? Well you could say I’m humble, but I honestly don’t think that’s the right word. Ironically, although I work towards the goal of inspiring my peers, I don’t believe I’m worthy of such admiration. I’m humbled because I realize it’s a privilege to have the ability to inspire and help others. I’m humbled by the realization that all the work I’ve put into developing myself as a person has culminated into one statement that many want to hear: “you inspire me.”

Despite the discomfort, I’ve learned to accept the compliments. I’ve learned that I am achieving what I want to achieve and that’s a good thing and, despite the discomfort, I should accept it and be happy and carry on with what I’m doing.

I won’t be content with the acclaim. I won’t stop trying to help others just because I’ve already helped.

This will just propel me even further toward achieving my current and future goals.