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Most Likely to Change the World

I received this award a few weeks ago. The other staffers of the Student Parent Orientation Program deemed me worthy of this superlative. Honestly, it adds a bit of pressure. There’s something that’s expected of me. I suppose it’s not surprising since that’s what I want to do.

Again, there’s a difference between having a goal and working to achieve it, and being told that you’ve achieved it. I’ve always had plans and visions of doing things to change the world whether that be through health care or building communities, and now, I’ve essentially been told that I’m expected to change the world.

However, despite the slight discomfort it gives me to be given this award, it makes me excited as well. As eager as I am to help improve the world, I’ve accepted that it will be a long process for me. I still have a lot of learning to do. I’ll be patient. I’ll continue working hard.

It’s an honor to receive this award and to know that I have the support of such amazing people.