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6-Month Report of Intermittent Fasting

It was a strange feeling when I began intermittent fasting. I mean strange mentally, not physically.

I didn’t normally eat breakfast to begin with, but now the perspective had shifted to purposefully not eating breakfast. People gave me many strange looks when I shared this idea with them.

“But breakfast is the most important meal.”

I don’t completely disagree. However, to say breakfast is necessary is wrong.

I’d rather settle with the idea that intermittent fasting is just another method of dieting and is not for everyone.

My method was to fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour feasting period. My feasting period has been between 1pm-9pm. Yes, I don’t eat until 1pm.

Maintaining this schedule was difficult when I traveled to Honduras in March for a week. I could have maintained it if I had really wanted to. But since it was over 100F everyday and we were hiking 5-10 miles in that heat, I felt that skipping breakfast would’ve been a bad idea.

After my week in Honduras, my eating schedule was off. I started eating breakfast again for 2-3 weeks then cut off again.

I’ve maintained the habit of not eating breakfast and I’ve found it preferable to eating breakfast. I’ve saved time and money. If I wake up late, I don’t have to worry about fitting breakfast into my morning.

There hasn’t really been any big difficulties besides explaining why I don’t eat breakfast and why it’s okay.

I occasionally allow myself to eat before 1pm if I’m out with a friend for brunch or if it’s a special occasion.

I’m clearly not extremely strict on myself with intermittent fasting as other people are and I don’t intend to be.

I’m fine with having a cheat day, or a cheat week.

What matters most for me is that I maintain healthy eating habits.

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