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The Panoply Project is my first attempt at starting a consulting business with my friend, Kendrick Wang.

It started off as a “what if” question. “What if we started a business in fashion?” We were half-joking yet half-serious. We had some experience helping friends with clothing purchases, we had received some compliments on our style of dress, and we both were interested in entrepreneurship. How about a business built on helping people dress in a more professional and mature mannerĀ  while staying within a budget? We already do that for ourselves and we thought we could share the knowledge and help others. We don’t believe that how you dress should correlate to the size of your wallet. Thus, the idea of a consulting project was born.

Read more to have a sneak peek at photos from our shoot!

So there it was: start a business and take the risk of wasting time and money orĀ  take the safe route and just stick to routine? There wasn’t a good reason to not try–if we end up not doing well, then what we get is an invaluable experience. Things took off the moment we agreed that this was no longer just an idea–it grew exponentially over the span of two months. We made progress through weekly meetings and the progress began to materialize once we created a website for the Panoply Project along with other social networking pages. We had two photo shoots with our good friend Eric Lim of Fotofillic to demonstrate our style. Now, all that’s left to do is iron out all the small details. We will be using some friends as guinea pigs for the consultation and will soon be publicly announcing our business!

Keep an eye out for our release!

In the meantime, here are some photos from our first photo shoot.


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    A short article about what we’ve been working on by my business partner David Khim

  • Jennifer Pinai says:

    Sounds like a great plan for starting a business! Hope it goes well, especially since I know how driven you are with any goals you have :) I myself am thinking of starting something as well but I’m not entirely sure of it yet.

    Anyways, keep working and good luck!