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The last few months have been full of activity. Here is a brief list of things I was up to during that time.

  • Graduated college (yay!).
  • Helped my little sister prepare for prom and watched her graduate.
  • Began staffing SPOP, the freshman orientation program at UCI (amazing).
  • Drove up to San Francisco twice. The first time was for a b-boy jam and the second time was a spontaneous trip as a favor for Kendrick and which gave me a chance visit my friend, Jennifer Fong.
  • Failed at watching a meteor shower due to overcast.
  • Interviewed a gang member for a literary journalism piece.
  • Had Boiling Crab for the first time. Definitely never going again.
  • Spent a day in LA at the Getty Museum with Katherine.
  • Finally grabbed coffee with Sony after months of delay.
  • Hosted The UP Lab CafĂ© with Justin, Kendrick, Jesse, and Jennifer P.
  • Launched The UP Lab with Justin and we’ve been met with amazing encouragement.

Things have mellowed out. For now.