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New Discomfort

I was actually going to name this post “Uncomfortable,” but realized that just because I’m not comfortable, doesn’t mean I’m uncomfortable. Think about it.

However, this new-found discomfort was not welcomed. It was personal this time.

I was met with a few triggers that did not bring out the best in me, which (I must now say, almost) never happens. This threw my mentality out of wack and resulted in a few unproductive days. I didn’t get lazy. I literally just couldn’t focus anymore. I tried as best I could to focus on job applications and writing and reading, but my attention wasn’t tameable. The situation proved to be one of the most frustrating moments I’ve had in a while. I decided to look at it as an opportunity to rest my mind and body.

A few friends and I went on a hike. It was great until I decided to drop 10 feet from one boulder to another. To make it worse, I was wearing Vans–no cushion for the landing. My legs gave out from the shock and I fell onto my back. I busted my left heel and broke my phone on impact (it was in the back pocket of my pants). The moment wasn’t even captured on camera. The hike back was spent trying to minimize putting any weight on my injured foot.

After conducting my own research on my injury, I went to the doctor and confirmed that it’s a bruised heel with the slight chance of having a fracture. X-rays were taken.

After seeing the doctor, I spent the day with my rear end sunk deep into an unimaginably soft couch watching Breaking Bad and White Collar. I thought of things I had to get done, wrote them down, and decided that I will do them tomorrow.

Without a smartphone, unable to walk comfortably, and slightly lost, it truly became time to rest.

Then, I realized that I was out of the loop, not only because of these events, but also because I’m no longer in a routine. The orientation program I staffed this summer finally came to an end and I’m no longer in school. I essentially have no large commitments. Then, my thoughts became a bit estranged. I felt a little lost, but also excited. I realize where I’m at in life and I’m ready to take it head-on.

But for now, I’m going to let myself enjoy life a bit and recuperate a little more.



  • tinyx says:

    Hope everything is going alright for you. What happened is horrible but on the bright side, not having a phone will open up more face-to-face opportunities :) Don’t fret over it too much. Recovering your left heel is more important.

    Best of luck.

    • Thank you for the support! I actually got an old phone to use and it doesn’t perform as well as my old phone so I’m not on it as often–which is a good thing. :D