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There have been new doors opening up as of late ranging from being recruited for a pyramid scheme to supposedly building an empire to helping with a start-up. That isn’t to brag. To be honest, it’s quite overwhelming. However, it has taught me to say no.

I have made the decision that my actions will follow the idea that I am investing in myself and my own passions and dreams which may or may not fall in line with offers for collaboration from others.

I am currently working on developing The UP Lab with my friend Justin, developing my own personal brand through this website and personal relations, teaching myself the basics of web development, searching for a job in the chemistry field, developing a charity organization, and staffing for the orientation program at UCI.

Each of the things I am involved with have to do with myself  directly or my goals.

Through The UP Lab, I want to help others find their self-worth and be the catalyst for them to follow their passions and life a fulfilling life. I want to develop my brand for future work opportunities. Web development is great knowledge to know in a world where tech start-ups and entrepreneurs pop up every day. A website is necessary for gaining traction in marketing. I want to develop as a chemist and put my knowledge and skills to use so I’d like a job in the chemistry field. I want to work in the non-profits sector to help people in developing countries and trying my hand at it now will give me experience to tap into in the future (whether the project works out or not). Staffing the orientation program allows me to help incoming freshmen make a transition into college. I have the opportunity to change students’ outlooks of coming to UCI and giving them something to look forward to, not something their forced into (i.e. a college that wasn’t their preference).

“[True] happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi