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Honduras Series Part 5: Disconnecting and Playing

When was the last time you went outside to play? Literally run around and play in the grass, in the water, at the park. Probably a while ago. You can say you’re too old for that, but is that why?

Maybe we’re just too connected to technology. Yeah, most of us are.

My experience in Honduras was strange for one main reason: I didn’t expect there to be internet.

Honduras was more developed than I expected in terms of technology. To my dismay, there was even internet at the hotel we stayed at. Honestly, I shouldn’t have been so surprised since technology evolves so quickly.

[Let me first clear up that this was, by far, no luxurious 5-star hotel of any sort.]

Why did the presence of internet upset me? Well, it meant we weren’t entirely disconnected. We were actually as connected as we would’ve been in the states. This meant if people weren’t out working, many were on their phones at the hotel.

I’m not completely anti-smartphone and I’ll admit I was on my phone a few minutes each night to check emails. However, I believe that if I in another country, I’d rather be soaking up the experience of being in that country, not soaking up radio waves from my phone.

One of the first sights I had when we reached the hotel was that there was a pool–and there were actually kids playing in the pool. No laptops. No iPads. No phones. No worries about getting any electronics wet.

You can say it’s because it’s Honduras and they afford it, but that’s not the point.

The point is that these kids were enjoying the outdoors and playing and not giving a crap about what their friends across town were doing. They were in the moment. They were splashing water at each other and playing tag and laughing. They were saying “Watch me!” before jumping down the water slide and landing a huge cannonball.

They were playing.

It reminded me of being a kid again. No Facebook. No Instagram. Just me. Just me playing with my friends in that moment.

I missed that.

I’ve started reading more. I grabbed a cup of coffee, took a seat outside, and read for an hour. It was great. I’ve started running again to clear up my mind and disconnect myself from stress.

We’re all busy with work and school and more work and blah blah blah, but remember to take time to yourself. This doesn’t mean scrolling through Facebook and Instagram alone. It means you and your thoughts. That’s it.

Not your personal time to look at what other people are doing.

Literally, just your personal time.

Let me know how it goes. (: