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Graduation One Month Later

I graduated college a little over a month ago. I never imagined how strange that would sound to say out loud. It’s weird.

Like many other graduates, I found myself wondering, “What now?” Though, I didn’t get stuck there. I knew I had to find a job, not because that’s what was expected of me but because I seriously need money. I need money to be independent of my family, to do the things I want to do, and to go where I want to go. I began the job hunt, only to be frustrated. However, I had other involvements to keep me busy.

A series of transitory months began as my college career came to an end. I dealt with emotional hardships due to the ending of a relationship. I was accepted to be a staff member for the summer Orientation Program (SPOP) at UCI and attended weekly trainings. I met new people from various social groups that I would’ve never imagined I would otherwise befriend. My friend, Justin, and I had been planning our finals week launch of The UP Lab for about six months. I had planned another pop-up coffee shop—on a larger scale—under the name of The UP Lab Café. I took a literary journalism class which drastically changed my writing and developed my thinking process while writing. I made the transition out of B-Boys Anonymous—after three years, I am no longer be a board member for the organization.

As my final academic quarter dragged on, it became more difficult for me to focus on my academics, not because of laziness or senioritis, but because I had other projects I wanted to work on. I wanted to contribute to the community and influence lives—not study for an exam I didn’t care for.

As college came to an end, new things has already begun to fall together. Before a multitude of other doors opened before the other door completely closed. I was bombarded with new opportunity with regards to future plans, social circles, and career options. Yet there are still a lot to finish before I walked through the next door. I had a midterm to study for, a paper to write, an interview to do, a final to study for, a blog post to get out, an interview to transcribe, a final draft due.

I was paralyzed.

To be honest, it was difficult to sit down and get down to business, especially when it came down to my academics. I had larger things in mind that I wanted to do. But I had to grind it out.

Now I’m out.

Out and jumping into new experiences.