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Leaving for Honduras in a Week

As previously mentioned, I’ll be traveling to Honduras at the end of March to help develop clean water systems. I have been fundraising for the last two and a half months to make the trip happen and I’m still a few hundred dollars short. It would be wonderful if you would help me pay for my trip by donating on PayPal!

I’ll be leaving Saturday, March 22 and returning Saturday, March 29 (more like Sunday at midnight). The final itinerary was sent to us a few days ago.

The majority of our work will take place in the community of Los Hatillos, located in the municipality of Choluteca in southern Honduras. According to our coordinator, there are about 145 houses divided into three neighborhoods with a population of about 650.

Community members in Los Hatillos suffer from a lack of clean water, personal hygiene, sanitation infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Common colds, skin rashes, parasites, and diarrheal diseases are common. Few homes have concrete floors, proper functioning latrines, adequate water storage, or sufficient stoves with chimneys.

Global Brigades will be building a gravitational water system which will use gravity to distribute water. Water will be collected from the source and piped into storage tanks where it will be stored and treated with chlorine. Gravity will distribute the water to the entire community.

Following our design work, we will will perform a follow-up visit to the community of El Ojochal located in the municipality of Amapala, where another brigade recently completed a full water system which uses a pump to distribute water throughout the town.

I’m extremely excited for this trip. It’ll be my first time in South America and my first time working in a developing community. I’m going to make sure to learn as much as I can about the community and the families and help as much as I can. Again, I would really appreciate it if you would help fund my trip by donating on PayPal. Funds will go toward paying for food, lodging, transportation, and staff involved in logistics. Contributions will be distributed to student programs, supporting education initiatives.

No amount is too small! Thanks so much!