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As a long-time blogger, I didn’t get serious about my blogging until I discovered professional writers who blogged everyday, multiple times a day (Chris Guillebeau, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Penelope Trunk, Brian Clark). Writing, as much as I enjoy it, becomes a pain–sometimes a chore–as I try to put out content. I admire these writers for being able to consistently put out content and keep the reader engaged.

My previous blog on Tumblr consisted mostly of my thoughts and personal development (kind of like this blog, but I didn’t have any projects to speak of). Now, with the creation of The UP Lab, I share much of my philosophies there.

I recently met with a friend of mine, Malissa Tem, and we discussed blogging at the professional level and shared what we wanted to do with our respective blogs–we’re both undergoing some developments.

However, Malissa suggested a new approach to my blog. Rather than only write about progress, write about my personal experiences that, perhaps, others can learn from. I’ve been a large supporter of men’s fashion and I have racked up some years dancing and managing a dance organization in college. As a stark contrast to that, I have a bachelors degree in chemistry and I love writing and would love to become a full-time blogger. As a co-founder of The UP Lab, I’d like to develop that into a recognized entity among non-profits. As widespread as my interests are, that means, assuming I can potentially reach a wide range of audiences–as long as I can write engaging content.

These possible developments have been swirling around in my thoughts lately and I’m letting them marinate a little bit before I decide to act on them. So far, it seems very possible.