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Teaching My First Breaking Class


I noticed that the majority of my posts are very general and gives a brief look at my projects and what I do. However, I prefer to share my experiences on a more personal level. Here goes.

I’m not very new to teaching. I used to tutor in high school and help friends with homework all the time. I began teaching dance by substituting for my friend, Khoa Tran, when he was teaching the breaking class a few years ago. I eventually got phased into the roster of instructors and began teaching my first regular class last winter. In 10 classes, I learned how to work with different personalities and people who learn through various methods. Some learned by watching. Others learned through analogies that I could find which related to their hobbies. I worked with some very closely and others hardly needed much guidance. It was an amazing experience working with those people.

Oh wait, I’m suppose to tell you about the class I just taught this week.

It was the first of ten classes I’ll be teaching in the next three months. It was amazing. The group varied in their levels of dance experience, but they were all eager to learn. It was refreshing to see a group of unfamiliar faces willing to engage in the dance and just have fun. After my spiel about my experience in dance and my goals for the class, we jumped straight into learning for an hour straight. Although they did initially have some trouble catching onto the movements, when they caught on, oh, they moved quickly through everything I threw at them.

It was excited to see the great potential of my students. I’m really looking forward to working with them and watching them progress as the class progresses. It’s going to be an amazing 10 weeks.