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Haruki Murakami has been a favorite author of mine for the last two or three years now. Whenever I get the chance to read a book, I end up with my nose in one of his works of literary magic.

From cover to cover, 1Q84 kept me enticed and anticipating what’s to come. I had many late nights sitting in bed, finding it impossible to stop myself from turning the page. One page after the next, I finally end up sleeping three hours later. It was painfully difficult to tear my eyes away from the book.

In a world with two moons, sex that isn’t sex, controversial ghost writing, and homicide, well, anything seems possible.

Each character has a unique story that is slowly revealed to the reader, allowing us the opportunity to understand their actions and thoughts and, as a result, reflect on our own actions and thoughts. The story itself is mellow, something I’m not entirely used to, but thoroughly enjoyed.

1Q84 cast a spell on me, the same one that Murakami’s other novels, After Dark, Kafka on the Shore, Hard-Boiled Wonderland, and Norwegian Wood had cast on me: it increased my introspection.

As each book came to an end, I realized that the characters each took a piece of me with them and, in turn, gave me a piece of themselves.

I highly recommend 1Q84.

The book also comes as a set of three books if you don’t want to carry a thick book around.

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