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Join a Path to PM Session

Path to PM sessions are small group conversations with current product managers sharing advice on how to get into product manangement. They take place on the first Monday of every month and each session lasts an hour. Just choose a time that works best for you. If there isn’t availability on a given week, it means the session that week is booked up, just click to the next month.

Before you sign up, here’s why I’m I hosting these chats and what these chats are not.

Why am I hosting these Product Chat sessions?

I didn’t start my career out in product management. If you told me I’d be a PM when I just getting started in my career, I would’ve said “What’s a PM?”

My career started off in marketing where I developed skills in growth marketing that translated into product management. I got a chance to try my hand at product management and realized that product was where I wanted to be.

Throughout my marketing career, I had the opportunity to speak at various conferences and meet other marketers as well as product managers. Turns out that was an amazing way to learn. I realized that it was valuable to learn from people working at different companies, sometimes very different companies with very different products.

As I met more product managers, I realized they had very helpful frameworks for problem-solving, communication, and prioritization. I slowly began adopting those frameworks myself and eventually found myself in a growth marketing role doing a lot of PM-esque work.

I eventually made the move to become a product manager and haven’t looked back.

These Path to PM chats are sessions for myself and other experienced PMs to share knowledge and give aspiring PMs a space to ask questions and get guidance on moving into product management.

What isn’t this?

In the world of online communities, there are dozens of Slack communities and Facebook groups that become cemeteries of disengaged members. The only people who post anything are the self-promotional folks who don’t have anything of value to add. And you end up on an email list of more promotional BS.

That’s why these chats are small groups. That’s why there’s no mailing list.

Just small conversations with other smart people and product managers hoping to share their learnings and learn from each other.