I’m David Ly Khim.

I’m a growth marketing manager at HubSpot, an advisor for United Way Youth Venture, and mentor for young entrepreneurs. I’ve helped businesses grow their email list, improve user acquisition, and increase revenue. Want to work with me?

I write about growth marketing and career development. Interests include social impact, poverty alleviation, and cryptocurrencies.

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What Clients Have Said

With David’s guidance, we developed relationships with 23 influencers to create and manage over 6 hours of video content. Through the campaign, we acquired leads at 27% of the cost of what we traditionally did through trade shows.
Shara Wright, CEO, Making Education Possible


December, 2017 Marketing Predictions RoundTable hosted by Mention Marketing Strategy
November 15, 2017 Boston University Career
November 8, 2017 HubSpot User Group, Vancouver, BC, Canada Content Strategy
August 24, 2017 HubSpot User Group, Landsing, Michigan, USA Content Strategy
June 21, 2017 San Diego Startup Week, San Diego, CA, USA Startup PR

I talk about strategy, acquisition, and a career in marketing.
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