Graduation Recap

The last few months have been full of activity. Here is a brief list of things I was up to during that time. Graduated college (yay!). Helped my little sister prepare for prom and watched her graduate. Began staffing SPOP, the freshman orientation program at UCI (amazing). Drove up to…
David Ly Khim
July 27, 2013


The last few weeks took quite a toll on my mental well-being. I ended the “Before I Die” wall with a huge high on life which ironically led to a strange dip in my life. My life became stagnant. I wasn’t going through depression or loss, but my life was…
David Ly Khim
March 19, 2013

Before I Die UCI: A (Giant) Recap

Hey UCI! It has been a little over a week since the Before I Die wall at UCI was taken down and I’d say it’s about time for a (long) recap.  You've been warned. A great deal has happened to the team since the “Before I Die” wall happened. We've…
David Ly Khim
February 12, 2013