Work With Me

Customer Acquisition Strategy
I’ll work with you to create a strategy to acquire new customers across your marketing channels. We’ll produce high level goals and specific tactics to help you execute against your business metrics.

Need help getting your business found? I’ll work with you to determine how to take your organic traffic to the next level. I’ve worked with companies to create link building strategies and content that get results.

Content Strategy
Content is tough to figure out. Instead of wasting time writing dozens of articles per month, I’ll work with you to create content that drives traffic, generates leads, and grows your business.

Grow Your Email List
‘Email is often a business’s largest source of revenue and it’s here to stay. That means you need to grow your email list. Don’t waste time A/B testing your subject lines when you should be getting people to subscribe to your list. I’ll work with you to get more people interested in what you have to say.

Host A Virtual Conference
Video is the big thing right now. Let’s work together to put on a virtual conference with influencers on a shoestring budget to generate leads for your business. (What’s a virtual conference?)


What Clients Have Said

With David’s guidance, we developed relationships with 23 influencers to create and manage over 6 hours of video content. Through the campaign, we acquired leads at 27% of the cost of what we traditionally did through trade shows.
Shara Wright, CEO, Making Education Possible

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